If you’re a coffee drinker, you’ll no doubt want to taste the world’s offerings wherever you go. However, some of the best coffee can be found in unexpected places – here are some of our favourite countries where you can expect to taste some incredible cups of coffee. 

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Where to find some of the best coffee in the world


It’s a little-known fact that Vienna’s coffee houses have been listed as “intangible heritage” by UNESCO to be protected and preserved. They take their coffee seriously here in the capital, with their shops and cafes decorated to the highest degree. Consider tasting a “Weiner Melange” (one espresso shot served in a large coffee cup topped with steamed milk and milk foam) and sitting in one of said cafes to soak up the great atmosphere.


Coffee lovers should head to Dubai’s Coffee Museum, not just to learn about coffee from around the world but to taste a superb cup of Turkish coffee. The phrase “Turkish coffee” refers not to a type of coffee, but to the way the coffee is prepared and the experts at the museum know exactly how to make it. Strong but not over powering or bitter, its converted many a white coffee drinker to the dark side.

The best Turkish Coffee at the Dubai Coffee Museum


Iceland has even more to offer than geothermal spas and northern lights. The coffee in Reykjavik – the country’s capital – is renowned for being independently brewed and therefore usually of a higher quality. Chain cafes haven’t found their way to the city just yet, meaning you’re better off discovering a little hole in the wall and settling down for a high-quality brew made to your taste.


Australia offers wonderful cups of coffee. Head to Melbourne to get a taste of “an incredible coffee culture”, according to World Barista Champion Pete Licata. Although you’ll find typical beverages such as flat whites and lattes to be popular in the city, it’s the piccolo latte (similar to a small latte) that steals the show. Nearly every coffee shop in Melbourne is known to be excellent, so don’t be afraid to try one.


This is perhaps the most surprising place on the entire list, but it’s no lie. The Secret Traveller recommends Fez in Morocco, not only for its bustling streets and palace hotels but for its strong coffee. Said to be a strong, Arabian-style brew that’s served with hot milk, you’re in for a cup of delectably potent coffee here. Go for a “nous-nous” – that’s Arabic for “half-half”.

Morocco serves some of the best coffee in the world. Try Nous-nous in Fez


Although it isn’t for serving the best coffee that Japan is renowned for, you’ll find some of the weirdest and wildest cafes here. Head to Tokyo to explore the wealth of crazy shops you can visit, from the café sandwiched between two active train tracks to the Yokohama Subtropical Teahouse, where reptiles are free to roam as you sip your brew. Don’t be worried – Klook notes that the tortoises love human interaction.

New Zealand

If you’re a fan of the increasingly popular flat white, which is creamier than a cappuccino but less milky than a latte, head to Wellington for the prime example of how it should be done. Becoming New Zealand’s unofficial national beverage means you won’t be able to find a better cup anywhere else in the world, and Wellington is the hotspot. Head to one of the city’s many coffee shops and absorb the laid back, positive atmosphere of it all.

Flat White in New Zealnad


Head to the capital of Buenos Aires for a taste of Italian-style brews that are incredibly popular with locals and tourists alike. Make sure to grab a “café cortado”, that being an espresso with a small amount of hot milk. Or, if you want something quick, opt for a “cortito” – a shot of espresso – accompanied by an Argentinian croissant, a “medialuna”.

Where do you get your favourite coffee from? Share your experiences from around the world and we’ll addd our favourites to the list!


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