Boutique ocean cruising aboard the Viking Sea

I’m aboard the floating-boutique-hotel called the Viking Sea. Viking Cruises has six of these stunning ships, all almost identical, with more coming over the next few years. I’m first impressed with the beauty of the Viking Sea’s Nordic design, then with the luxury...

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Ottley’s Plantation Inn, my perfect Caribbean retreat

Every now and again I stumble across somewhere that I feel is truly special. It might be a vibrant city hotel or a quiet mountain retreat but without doubt unique and a cut above the ordinary. It was in order to share these magical places that I first started writing Boutique Travel Blog …places like Ottley’s Plantation Inn.

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What does green, eco or sustainable tourism really mean? Christina from the Rainforest Alliance explains.

What does green, eco or sustainable tourism really mean? Christina Cullen from the Rainforest Alliance sheds some light on these terms and tells us how we can travel responsibly. With yet another British summer threatening to turn into a wet disappointment, more and more holiday-makers are venturing further afield. This, along with the fact that tourism is one of the world’s largest industries, means that its impacts on the environment, including pollution, deforestation, inefficient energy use and cultural exploitation can be huge.

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