White sands, clear waters, blue skies

The Leeward Islands, first discovered by Christopher Columbus, span over 120 miles, from Anguilla to Dominica. With a diverse geography, the islands present you with the chance to feel the volcanic sands beneath your feet, discover the colours of the coral reef and smell the perfumes of the rainforest. Such an array of experience is matched by the islands’ rich history, cultures and cuisines. So why not savour the tastes of the Caribbean, accompanied by your favourite cocktail, whilst the charm of the steel pan music can be heard in the distance?



Lets start our journey in Antigua, the largest of the Leeward Islands. Enjoy a small climb up the Shirley Heights military complex, which, from a height of 150m, provides a breath-taking view over the English harbour. Delve into Antigua’s past as you explore the complex, fortified in the late 18th century.

Antigua also boasts long stretches of golden sand beaches, the most attractive of which, Rendezvous Bay, is remote and guarded by thick rainforest deterring most visitors. However, a Caribbean yacht charter makes this much longed for destination an attainable heaven, so lie back, relax in the sun and bask in sandy solitude. Indeed, many of these lovely islands remain unpopulated, making them harder to reach by public transport. Yet your Fraser yacht charter allows you to easily travel from one island to the next, tailoring your journey as you please.

caribbean luxury yacht charter

© Fraser Yachts

caribbean luxury yacht charter

© Fraser Yachts

Green Island Bay

Move on from Antigua and drop anchor in the crystal clear waters that surround the unhabited Green Island Bay. Admire the glow of the setting sun as pinks, oranges, reds and purples dance across the sky. As the lights retire, they leave the twinkling of thousands of stars the mirror image created by the calm waters that surround your yacht.


The morning calls and you are on your way to Barbuda. Nature greets you as you pull ashore. Take out your snorkelling gear, its time to see the magical corals and mighty shipwrecks in all their splendour.

Use the afternoon for a spot of golf or a match of tennis. Alternatively, just north of Barbuda, you can find the Frigate Bird sanctuary, with over 5,000 birds, this is the worlds largest breeding and nesting colony and it is well-worth the visit. The birds are at ease with humans, which allow for fantastic photographic opportunities.

St Barts

St Barts, caribbean luxury yacht charter

St Barts © Mark OConnell

After the past few days simply relaxing, it’s time to visit the beautiful St Barts. Lunch among the rich and famous and then pass your afternoon hunting treasures in Gustavia’s boutiques.  Be sure to wonder down side alleys, as this is where you will find the real gems.


Leaving St Barts, we head for Anguilla, the most northern of the Leeward Islands. Relax upon the white powdered beaches such as Shoal Bay, chat with warm friendly people or test the winds with some kite surfing. Hiking around this island is also a favourite past time. When the sun gets too hot, however, be sure to take a dip with the turtles, stingrays and tropical fish.

by Emma Brassington

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