Sitting on a tiled bench in nothing but a paper g-string is not how I would normally picture the start of a day’s pampering but that is exactly how my morning started; I’m here to enjoy the delights of this beautiful spa, including a traditional Moroccan hamam, in the most opulent and stylish hotel in The Gambia. I’m a firm believer that if you want to give your best to other people whether family, friends, work or even volunteering, you have to make time to look after yourself and what better way than this!

luxury spa hotel Gambia

Coco Ocean Resort & Spa, The Gambia, West Africa

Coco Ocean’s Moroccan themed architecture, with white domes shining brightly under the African sun, is stylish and elegant; the attentive staff that appear to outnumber the guests, the lovely beach side location, the excellent restaurants and the stylish interior design continuing the Moroccan theme in black and white with splashes of colour, all add up to make an extremely luxuriant and beautiful hotel.

The Coco Ocean’s Heaven of Traditions

The spa itself exudes calm and tranquillity both inside and out. My treatment starts with a hamam. I expected to feel embarrassed sitting here in nothing but a paper g-string but I don’t and as I am washed from head to toe, the cares of the world drift away. After relaxing in the steam room for a while I am smothered in black soap and another relaxation period follows. The soap is then washed off and my therapist proceeds to scrub me removing layers of dead skin. It certainly is a very thorough exfoliation leaving your skin silky smooth. The whole process takes an hour and if you’ve never tried it before I would highly recommend it!

Luxury Spa hotel Gambia - Coco Ocean

From here I’m led to another room for my hot stone message and for another blissful hour I let the feeling of total relaxation envelop me as my massage therapist skillfully kneads my body with the heated pebbles.

Coco 07jpg

Lastly, I move to a white leather recliner with a view of the ocean. A gentle sea breeze caresses me as I sip a refreshing cup of herbal tea. Another expert massage therapist appears and weaves her magic on my feet for half an hour.

And so I leave the spa feeling thoroughly relaxed, rejuvenated, exfoliated and detoxified and all for a fraction of the cost of the equivalent treatment in Europe.

Coco Ocean hamam

Coco 05

Coco 14a

Website: Coco Ocean Resort & Spa

Heaven of Traditions:  Three different treatments coming from three different continents – a Moroccan hamam, a hot stone massage and an Asian foot massage, 2 and a half hours, costing D2,200 (£44 BP at D50 to the £1 exchange rate)

Package holidays from the UK: The Gambia Experience part of the Serenity Holidays group

My thanks to the Coco Ocean Resort & Spa for the complimentary treatments. As always I am free to write whatever I wish and these are my own honest opinions.

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