• Beachfront • Eco-friendly • Wildlife • Bandas sleeping 2 • Bungalows sleeping up to 2 adults + 2 children

Waking up to the soft sound of the waves, singing birds and the rustling of the palm trees. Looking out the window to see monkeys and the most beautiful butterflies passing by. Getting away from it all surrounded by nature – this is what the Tembo Kijani EcoLodge offers their guests.

The lodge consists of just four Bush Bandas, built on stilts in the heart the African bush and a further three Beach Bungalows, just a few steps from the Indian Ocean. Each bungalow or banda is separated from the others by jungle, with thick greenery ensuring privacy for the guests.

The secluded beach is the perfect setting for walks along an unspoiled strip of white coral sand. Without meeting anyone for miles and miles, watch the crabs, egrets and gulls enjoying the water of the Indian Ocean while the waves caress your feet. Let the wind take your thoughts thousands of miles away or just to the next dhow passing on the horizon.

A friendly atmosphere, great service, amazing food and an authentic experience of your surroundings, wrapped in the concept of a sustainable lodge will make your stay at Tembo Kijani a unique and memorable experience.

If you’ve relaxed enough on the beach and are ready for some action, how about a wildlife treasure hunt in Saadani National Park? This park is still very young, hardly visited and a great option for an off-the-beaten-track experience to see African wildlife. Going on the Wami River in the southern part of the park you can get so close to hippos and crocodiles that you will be able to count the little hair on their ears. Back on dry land, you may see giraffes, antelopes, gazelles, warthogs, wildebeests, monkeys and buffaloes or you might spot an elephant in the bush, selecting a delicious meal from a variety of leaves. In the trees, you might not only see the elephants’ trunks, but lions climbing up to better smell out their next prey. Saadani is an exciting park – the animals will be just a few yards away from you. If you are here in the right season, you might even catch a glimpse of the rare and shy Sable Antelope as well.

However, if you simply want to enjoy the ecosystem around the eco-lodge itself, they’d love to take you for a walking safari. You’ll see not only mangroves and baobab trees growing in a very salty environment, but also meet the Mangati with their cattle, the local African nomad tribe, who may not have seen running water before but have a cell phone – just in case!

Being right on the coast, they also offer snorkelling excursions, taking you to a sandbank that is only revealed at low tide. You’ll be the only ones in the middle of the Indian Ocean exploring sea stars, sea urchins, sand dollars, a myriad of fish and if you are lucky some sea turtles.

Visit their website to book, Tembo Kijani

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