• Eco-friendly • Wildlife • Treehouses sleeping 2 to 6 people

See the rainforest from a new perspective from one of twelve spectacular treehouses deep in the Amazon jungle. A stay at Treehouse Lodge in Peru is an experience you'll never forget.

“Waking up in a treehouse 67ft up in the tree canopy of the Amazon Jungle is an amazing experience which I’ll never forget. As the sun rose behind the trees each morning the nocturnal creatures clocked-off and the sounds of the night changed as the jungle kicked into daytime mode.

Our treehouse was a five-minute walk from the main lodge and then a climb of 85 steps which spiralled around the trunk of a giant Ficus tree. Finally, we had to cross two suspended bridges to get to our nest. Occasionally we’d have company; something scampering above us on the roof of the walkway or, one day, a tarantula sitting quietly on the path.

Days were spent wildlife spotting with our guide Marden. We learnt so much from him during our walks through the jungle or boating up the waterways. We discovered pink river dolphins, a giant river otter and fish in the river. Packs of squirrel monkeys and sloths hung out in the trees around us. We spotted so many birds; hawks, kingfishers, toucans, parakeets and bright yellow flycatchers.

One evening we took the boat out to watch the sun dip below the horizon on the Amazon River as egrets flew past to roost for the night. The whole scene was spectacular.

We had three meals a day in the main area of Treehouse Lodge. The food was excellent; all locally produced and beautifully presented. Each night we’d head back to our little nest in the trees, shut the trap hatch and lie in the pitch black and listen as the sounds of the jungle enveloped us. Magical.” Suzanne Jones

Read Suzanne’s review in full on her blog, A Treehouse Stay in the Amazon Jungle

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Treehouse Lodge, Amazon Jungle, Peru

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