Once there was a network of over 140 covered passage ways running throughout Paris.
Designed to keep the gentry of the city clean and dry, these once bustling, glass roofed, shopping arcades had their heyday in the mid 19th century.
Over the years many fell in to disrepair and some have been demolished.
Luckily quite a few have now been restored including Passage Jouffroy,
a nostalgic reminder of how these charming arcades once looked.

I find these old Parisian arcades completely enchanting, full of interesting and quirky shops, some great restaurants
and cafés and a delight to explore whatever the weather. Each of them has its own character.
Passage Jouffroy is probably the best at recreating the feeling of how these passages once were.

Passage Jouffroy

10 boulevard Montmartre, 9th, metro Richelieu-Drouot

 N° 30 : Le Valentin
Salon de Thé
petit déjeuner • maison deconfitures • confiserie • chocolats • patisseries • patisseries glacées
ouvert tous les jours

N° 46 : Hôtel Chopin

This charming hotel opened in 1846 with 36 bedrooms and the top floor overlooking the rooftops of Paris.
While not luxurious, it is comfortable and full of character, in an excellent location and reasonably priced.

N° 46 : Inter Livres (bookshop)
N° 41 : La Boîte à Joujoux (toys, scale models, collectables, dolls houses)
Musée Grévin (entrance on boulevard Montmartre)
Paris’s equivalent to Madame Tussauds
N° 39 : Le Petit Roi (comic books, children’s books)
N° 24 : La Maison du Roy (home furnishings)
N° 10-11 : La Cure Gourmande
Biscuits • Confiseries • Chocolats

Do you have a favourite street in Paris or any other city for that matter?

Colour photography © Kathryn Burrington

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