The petrol heads out there will appreciate the euphoric sensation that a great drive is capable of evoking. Here at Supercar Experiences, we are passionate about luxury vehicles and thrilling drives. The multifaceted UK landscape offers a range of driving experiences. From track day experiences to unusual coastal roads, a variety of driving experiences are best brought to life through luxury supercar hire.

Top 5 UK Drives

1. Best Tracks

Emulate Lewis Hamilton on the tarmac of Bruntingthorpe, a purpose-built track that enables amateur drivers to take pole position. Hurtle around bends at breakneck speeds; enjoy the vibration of the engine as it urges you to go that little bit faster; be at one with a vehicle that reacts to your every command. Prices start from £100 with your own car. Test the acceleration of a Ferrari or the handling of a Lamborghini with a track day experience.

ferrari-best driving experiences in UK


2. Best mountain road

Follow the dramatic mountainous road that runs between Ashwick and Cheddar for a dizzying drive to remember. The fourteen-mile journey will transport car enthusiasts to heaven, as they climb higher and higher, swerving around bends and accelerating over lengthy stretches. Admire the breathtaking scenery as you put your foot down, the roar from the menacing engine of a Porsche 911 the only audible sound.

Porsche 911


3. Best coastal road

The A3055 on the Isle of Wight is a coastal road unlike any other, spanning the southern stretch of the scenic island. Let the stunning backdrop fade into your origin, as you zoom into the horizon.

Scenic road on the Isle of Wight

Only a convertible supercar would do this coastal highway justice: with long straights and tight bends, this road is perfect for an Aston Martin Volante.

DBS Volante Aston Martin - Luxury car hire


4. Best city view

As the beating heart of England, London is scattered with iconic buildings that punctuate a drive through its streets. In the dead of night, the roads empty to reveal a thrilling system of driving straights.

Soutwark bridge-driving exp UK

Cross the River Thames on the Southwark Bridge Road; be amazed as the city unfurls beyond your windscreen. Witness the majesty of The Shard, Canary Wharf, Tower Bridge, The Tate Gallery and HMS Belfast from the majesty of your Nissan GTR.

Nissan GTR - Driving experiences UK - Luxury car hire


5. Best motorway driving

Cruise along the M4 in a Bentley Continental GTC to experience the best of UK motorway driving. Swansea, Slough and Swindon pass by as blurs, while your attention focuses only on the spectacular vehicle and the road ahead. Relax into the comfort of the lavish, leather interior and yearn for the motorway to extend forever.

M4 bridge - driving experiences UK

Author: Bill Faulkner on behalf of Supercar Experiences

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