Discover the best wine in the south of France

Perennially popular as a holiday destination, the South West of France (or Sud-Ouest in French) covers some of the most spectacular scenery in the country. Alongside the stunning hills, expansive views and beautiful river valleys, this part of France is also home to some incredible wine producing areas.

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Enjoy a Culinary Cruise along the Seine

For many, food is more than a necessity; it’s an obsession. It’s not only about visiting high-end restaurants and enjoying the food and wine, it’s about the whole experience – the setting, ambience, service and company – all the smaller details that add up to create an unforgettable occasion. And for those that delight in fine dining as a hobby, a luxurious culinary river cruise might just be the perfect way to indulge that favourite pastime on a holiday with a bit of a twist.

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Favourite streets of Paris: Passage Jouffroy

Once there was a network of over 140 covered passage ways running throughout Paris.
Designed to keep the gentry of the city clean and dry, these once bustling, glass roofed, shopping arcades had their heyday in the mid 19th century.
Over the years many fell in to disrepair and some have been demolished.
Luckily quite a few have now been restored including Passage Jouffroy,
a nostalgic reminder of how these charming arcades once looked.

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