La Rocchetta, a small boutique hotel in the Sierra de los Padres valley, near the city of Mar del Plata in Buenos Aires, Argentina, was created with the sole purpose of giving guests a unique and memorable experience every time they visited.

La Rocchetta | Boutique Hotel Argentina

I had heard good things about this hotel and wanted to know more. With the means of modern technology I was able to have a chat with owner, Agustin Ciarfaglia. I found it thoroughly enthralling hearing how one family’s dream became a reality.

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La Rocchetta was born with the intention to create an exclusive place where guests can relax and escape from the world. It began as a simple family dream, slowly taking shape and colour, to create a small friendly hotel, where everyone feels truly at home.

“We wanted to achieve what we seek when we travel: a unique place where guests feel exceptional. With that idea in mind, it was now a matter of carrying it out. With the help of our architect friend, Analia Barbetti, and the views of the entire family, the preliminary format started taking form. Little by little, we created the architectural design we were all dreaming of, offering privacy and a unique identity for each room, with public areas where people felt at home and a design that made the most of beautiful views across the valley.” Agustin explained.

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They choose to build their dream in a beautiful valley where people could relax and unwind yet within easy reach of the city, as well as the beach, a lake and two golf courses. “There are many reasons that make the place really special



“Then came the decor and furnishings.” Agustin continued. “We wanted to create something original, giving each room its own character. Our primary sources for objects to fill our dream were our grandparents and great-grandparents, but it was not enough so we sort help from friends who were artists. We visited fairs, travelled locally and internationally. Slowly we gathered all we needed to complete every detail of our dream. It was now a matter of finding the right people to join us and become part of this project. In Valeria and Daniel, together with their children, we found the perfect people to put the final touch to the project and we were ready to open.”

The positive response they have had from their guests is exceptional, although as Augustin, explained “We are still learning and growing every day.”

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“La Rocchetta is the ideal place to relax and enjoy this lovely landscape. There are 6 rooms, each decorated with its own style, with large terraces overlooking the valley, all with the usual modern amenities. A delicious and varied breakfast is provided which includes local marmalade and freshly baked bread. The hotel sits in 9 acres of grounds and guests have use of the circular swimming pool and sun deck, Wi-Fi, a multi-purpose room with TV, library books, DVDs and magazines, board games, and bicycles.



There is a wide range of outdoor activities to hand including fishing, horse riding, water sports, mountain biking, paragliding, hiking or perhaps a visit to the nearby zoo. The Sierra de los Padres Golf Club is just 5 minutes away, where hotel guests enjoy a discount. We can also cater for events and conventions.” “Valeria and Daniel are the back bone of La Rocchetta. We all work together but they are in charge of the day-to-day running of the hotel and look after all the guests needs. Daniel is also an expert at the traditional Argentina barbecue, the asado, there is a real art to making it just right. Being a family business, there are some roles that are specific but many we all share between us. As we are all in love with La Rocchetta, we take really serious the guest’s opinions, and we work really hard to keep the standards of the hotel extremely high.”


I asked Agustin for a final message he’d like to leave with us.

“Escape the city and know a special place that offers a different way to relax and enjoy your free time. Be seduced by the charm of the mountains and be amazed with the quality of our services.”

It does indeed sound idyllic, a large part of this is no doubt due to the wonderful people who envisaged a dream and then brought it to fruition in this enchanting Argentinian valley.

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