Escaping through travel can make it hard to settle back into our cluttered, hectic, and often thrown-together homes. But the feeling of a calm, ordered and stylish hotel interior can be replicated at home, says Lesley Hughes Wyman, co-founder of MatchLine Design Group. Since 2009, MatchLine Design Group has been transforming hotels, resorts, spas, and corporate offices across the US, into timeless interior environments. Here, we talk toLesley to find out more about upcoming trends in hotel interior design, and how these trends can be carried through into the home.

We were curious to know how people’s hotel experience while travelling might impact on their choices when decorating their homes. Lesley explained, “People want their travels to be highly experiential. Whether they are travelling for vacation or business, they seek personal touches that combine the comfort and security of home with the luxury of a trip away – an incredibly comfortable bed, a luxurious shower, or the eclectic style of the space itself, for example. These elements make memories that guests take home with them at the end of the trip, and they may even seek to incorporate some of them into their own homes.”

Embassy Suites by Hilton, Amarillo

above and top: Embassy Suites by Hilton, Amarillo, Texas

She continued, “It’s perfectly possible, in this modern age, that hotel designs can influence the homes of people without them even travelling themselves, by researching online, looking at websites and social media, and through magazine articles.”

We asked Lesley what existing trends in hotel interior design she sees continuing into 2017. She replied, “We’re still seeing a lot of mixed metals but in more distinguishing and industrial finishes – black steel, burnished metals, and matte finishes in particular. Neutrals will continue to prevail when mixed with splashes of saturated colour, but the neutrals are moving back to the warmer tones. A modern aesthetic will persevere, with eclectic mixes of elements – but interiors will transition to a more carefully curated look.”

Embassy Suites by Hilton, McAllen Convention Centre

above: Embassy Suites by Hilton, McAllen, Texas with big patterns and new neutrals

We were also interested to know what new trends might emerge in the new year. “In 2017, the new base or neutral element in a room will shift from more traditional beiges and grays to sophisticated colour. For example, a bold colour – like a deep saturated blue – on the wall can function as a ‘neutral,’ as long as the trim matches. This hue will be accented by crisp neutrals, metal finishes and pops of gold or coral.” Lesley continued, “Oversized and intricate patterns will really emerge in 2017, doubling as art and focal points when placed in specific hotel spaces.”

Embassy Suites by Hilton, Amarillo

above: Embassy Suites by Hilton, Amarillo with large map art piece

How might people bring these ideas into their home, we asked – “Just like in hotels, homeowners want quality materials and items that will last. It’s not realistic to buy new chairs and sofas every few years. Homeowners should invest in a few key, quality pieces, and then incorporate trends using smaller elements, that are easy to change, as they emerge.”

Homewood Suites by Hilton, Katy, Texas

above: Homewood Suites by Hilton, Katy, Texas with ceiling base lighting and chandelier accent lighting

Lighting is a key aspect of interior design, one that we know can often be overlooked. So we asked Lesley for some tips. “The right lighting is key,” she agreed, “it can make or break a space. People should first ensure that general lighting has a good base. Then, speciality pieces can be highlighted. Layering with architectural lighting and portable light fixtures balance a space.”

She continued, “It is very important to utilise bulbs with cooler temperatures, and the colour range needs to be mixed properly for the overall look. Typically, it’s best to stay in the mid-range of warm to cool – around 2700-3000K.That may sound technical, but all packaging indicates the Kelvin lighting measurement, which can help you out. If you go too high on the K scale, the light can be too blue and intense, whereas the lower you go on the scale, it can be too yellow and dim.”

MatchLine Design Group

Since 2009, MatchLine Design Group has been transforming hotels, resorts, spas, corporate offices, multifamily properties, and active adult living facilities throughout the US into timeless interior environments. Principals and co-founders Lesley Hughes Wyman and Tamara Ainsworth helm the Dallas-based multidisciplinary firm, which is a WBENC-Certified Women’s Business Enterprise. Services include initial space planning, conceptual design and design development, interior construction document production, contract administration and final product placement review. Named a Top Hospitality Design Firm for the past three consecutive years by Hotel Management, the team brings all elements of design and construction together just as pairs of match lines on architectural drawings join to create a cohesive plan.

Lesley Hughes Wyman – Principal, RID, ASID, IIDA, NEWH

As a registered interior designer, Lesley brings over 17 years of industry experience to her role as a co-founding principal of MatchLine Design Group. Prior to joining forces with her long-time friend and business partner Tamara Ainsworth in 2009, she held various design roles at renowned firms, which allowed her to refine her craft. Lesley has overseen the completion of a number of notable projects, including The Lodge of Four Seasons at Lake Ozark, Comanche Red River Casino Hotel, Taj Blue Diamond Resort, DoubleTree Atlanta, over 15 new-construction Embassy Suites, and multiple Hilton and Marriott properties. She holds a degree in interior design from Texas State University, and her professional affiliations include IIDA, ASID and NEWH for which she has served in various leadership and committee roles.

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