When you’re considering booking a private jet charter, it’s fair enough to think you’re going to be splashing the cash. However, it can be more cost-effective than you think and there are many other perks to hiring a private plane.

Private jet charter


Group travel

When it comes to a large group travelling together, whether for work or with your family and your friends, why not consider a private jet? If you think how much the collective cost of your tickets could equate to, hiring a private jet could prove to be more cost-effective than you think. Plus, you won’t have to adhere to a commercial airline schedule, you can pick a departure time which suits everyone – making the trip planning much less stressful.

Private jet charter


Making the best use of your time

If you are travelling for work, a private air charter can make your time much more cost-effective. Even in business or first class in a commercial airline, you are somewhat restricted by the plane’s layout. With a private jet, you’ve got the room to work comfortably. There is more room, and privacy, for you and your colleagues to work together. As soon as you’re in the air, you can get cracking. From the word go, your time is being used effectively making the investment in the private jet charter worth it.

Private jet charter

Speaking of time, private jets tend to fly faster and get to the destination quicker. They can also save you time on the ground. You won’t have to go through security or wait in the departure lounge. You can have more time in the destination itself. And you’ve got a greater choice of airports, including smaller and private airports which may be closer to your destination, another great time saver.


Food and drink

When you hire a private plane, you can select the food and drinks of your choice in advance. That’s especially useful if one of your party has any special dietary requirements including allergies.

Private jet charter

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Travel with your pet by your side

Not all commercial flights allow you to travel with your pet onboard or charge large fees to do so and leaving your pet to travel in the hold can be quite an anxious experience (both for the pet and the owner). Another great benefit of hiring a private jet is that your pet can travel in the cabin with you.

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Last minute savings with empty leg flights

Private jet charters are commonly booked at the last minute. With other forms of transportation, the more last minute you are, the more money you end up spending. However, this isn’t necessarily the case with private jets. By booking an empty leg flight, your next adventure can be a lot cheaper than you think. For those unaware, an empty leg flight is when a private charter flight has already been booked one way for a particular aircraft and either the return, onward or outbound journey is empty. The departure airport, destination airport and time of departure are already set but it’s usually the most cost-effective way to hire a private charter. It’s perfect if you’re feeling spontaneous and fancy a holiday.





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