Jaw-dropping scenery and some of the world’s rarest and most majestic wildlife make Sri Lanka a unique safari experience. To make your time in this inimitable country truly unforgettable why not combine a safari holiday with time on the beach by renting your very own luxury beachfront villa from Dynamic Lives.

Be present to witness up to 300 elephants descend upon the watering hole in the Minneriya National Park

Sri Lanka is a must for animal-lovers: the rich, diverse array of wildlife is best witnessed in the Yala National Park, where varying ecosystems harmonize to attract all manner of intriguing creatures, including rare aquatic birds, the Sri Lankan elephant and, most notably, the Sri Lankan leopard, which can be seen from the safety of your secure jeep. Yala National Park actually has the highest density of leopards anywhere in the world, in addition to a staggering population of elephants, which comprises approximately 3,000 animals.

Safari Holidays in Sri Lanka

Be present to witness up to 300 elephants descend upon the watering hole in the Minneriya National Park – a once in a lifetime opportunity. Also to be seen in their natural habitats are Sloth bears, sambars, the Red slender oris, toque macaques, the Purple-faced langur and wild buffaloes. A safari in Sri Lanka will guarantee a fascinating glimpse into the lives of some of the planet’s rarest animals.

Safari Holidays in Sri Lanka

The terrain is diverse and captivating, setting Sri Lanka apart from other safari destinations. From towering mountains to wetlands, and everything in between, the small island has it all. For those wishing to sample a more intrepid safari experience, however, the country also boasts a vibrant rainforest. The Sinharaja Forest Reserve is a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site, in which can be seen various amphibious creatures, including many tree frogs, as well as a towering, vivacious canopy of rare trees. An afternoon spent traversing the forest floor will enhance the luxuriousness of your villa, which will provide the perfect resting place between action-filled adventures.

The spectacular sights do not stop with the expanse of land, however; the surrounding ocean teems with wildlife too. The mighty Blue whale can be spotted off of the Sri Lankan shores, along with the Sperm whale and, often, animated dolphins. Take to the waters to enrich your experience, before returning to the comfort of your luxurious home from home.

The sheer variety of wildlife and landscapes make Sri Lanka the ultimate safari destination. It is easy to understand why this country is nicknamed ‘Serendipity’ in certain cultures – Sri Lanka really is a pleasant surprise.

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