A day trip on the Orient Express’ sister train, The British Pullman, transports passengers to a golden age of travel where life is slower, gentler and more refined. 

luxury train travel

Featured photograph and above: courtesy of Orient-Hotels Ltd

As soon as one steps onto the gleaming brass footplate and into the elegant umber and cream liveried carriages the bustle of Victoria Station dissipates and a calm prevails.

Luxury train travel, The British Pullman

courtesy of Suzanne Jones

The eleven beautifully restored carriages are buffed and burnished to perfection. Each has its own colour-scheme and personality and with seats that are capacious, high-backed armchairs. Walls are panelled with intricate marquetry and adorned with mirrors, shining brass luggage racks, sconces and pretty lampshades all restored to its original glory with remarkable attention to detail.

Luxury train travel, The British Pullman

courtesy of Suzanne Jones

Service is impeccable yet relaxed and the food, which is prepared in the tiniest galley kitchen, is British seasonal best, cooked to perfection and beautifully presented. The four course meal is delivered immaculately in silver-service style by a charming steward in crisp white and French Navy attire and despite the occasional joggle of the train not a drop is spilt.

At the seaside town of Whitstable a jazz band strikes up and the train pulls in and there’s an opportunity for leg-stretching accompanied by a fresh Whitstable oyster or two and a Bellini. Back on board dessert is served before the return journey to the city.

A ride out on this legendary train is a moveable feast of vintage luxury, fine dining, and exquisite surroundings – just the ticket!


The British Pullman

courtesy of Suzanne Jones

Suzanne Jones has worked in travel for over 12 years. An avid traveller and keen photographer she loves trying different and unusual cuisines – she also writes the travel blog The Travelbunny

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