We all know the dip you get once you’ve made your way back home after your most recent trip – so it’s not long before you dive into planning the next one! But instead of your usual routine, how about going one further and doing everything you can to make sure your next trip is the best one yet? Sounds good, right? Well, look no further!

Unleash Your Adventurous Side

There’s nothing wrong with setting foot in a brand-new country, letting yourself explore the cities and take in the sights. But how about mixing it up a bit and adding some activities which are a little braver? There’s plenty out there – some famous ones include ziplining, bungy jumping, dog sledging and rafting. If you’ve cash to splash, why not venture out into something more unique like heli-biking or the more economical sky swinging. There are many wild things on offer which you may not even be aware exist. So, do your research and find out what’s on where you’re going.

Husky dog sleigh ride in Norway

Above: Husky dog sledging in Norway, featured image: hiking to see the sunrise in the Tyrol.


Live like a local

Of course, it doesn’t all have to be adrenaline-fueled excitement. We also recommend seeing if there are any free walking tours by the locals, to allow yourself to get a truly unique and authentic taste of the culture.

Speaking of culture, this is another way you can be adventurous and make your trip even more special at the same time. It’s easy to fall into the same routines abroad as you do at home, but when you’re in a new country, why not live like they do? Find out where all the locals eat and go there instead. Ask for the chef’s food recommendations and eat something that was caught or grown locally. Don’t go where all of the tourists are flocking to, find somewhere off the beaten path instead.

You could also check out the local farmers’ market. They’re a great place to pick up some edible souvenirs or provisions for a picnic.

There are so many different ways that you can live like a local, so why don’t you try them out when you next go travelling? I guarantee you’ll find it makes the trip the best one yet! 


Get Ready To Share

One of the joys of travelling is sharing it with your friends and family – so make sure this is as easy as possible! Save up and invest in a good quality camera and dedicate some time into learning the settings, so that you can capture and keep all the memories you make along the way. A GoPro is a good idea if you’re planning on doing any adrenaline sports or activities. Hands-free and resistant to almost anything makes it perfect for capturing the more exciting parts of your journey.

You’ll also want somewhere you can share your journey easily. Using a platform such as Emenator means your friends and family won’t have to sift through ads and unrelated sponsors to keep up with what you’ve been doing. As an exclusive, private social space, this is the ideal place to post updates, photos and videos (without losing image quality) without your information being sold and brokered. 


Prepare For Everything

Although not as exciting, making sure you’re prepared for your trip is a biggie in so that everything goes smoothly. Forgetting something important (we’ve all forgotten our passports at one point) or feeling overwhelmed is never a nice feeling. And it’s even harder when you’re far from home in a totally different country. Making sure you’ve got everything set up, therefore, is essential – from all the tedious paperwork to making a list of all you need to pack. Being well organised can stop your dream trip from becoming a nightmare.

Booking any activities in advance is also a good shout. It can save you a lot of money, meaning you’ve got more to spend on souvenirs and local delicacies!

With all this in mind, you’ll have everything in place to get ready for your best trip ever! If you can, try and book in advance so that you have it to look forward to. This will also give you plenty of time to prepare and also allows you time to research your destination. Rather than going for capital cities or popular beach resorts, take a look into some less-visited locations and see what activities there are for you to do there. 

Mind you, while it’s good to have a plan for what you want to do there, you should also leave plenty of room for a bit of spontaneity! 

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