Are you yearning for adventure or seeking relaxation? Maybe you’re looking for the perfect family holiday? Do you care about the environment? Have you considered a cruise? It’s time to dispel a few myths about cruising.

The variety of cruises available and the type of people taking them has never been so vast. Cruises are more popular than ever before across all demographics. Here’s why we think you should go on a cruise at least once in your life.

Ever-changing scenery

One of the most common reasons for people holidaying is their desire for ‘a change in scenery’. That’s as good a reason as any, and the right cruise can fit the bill perfectly. Some itineraries will ensure you wake up in a new environment every day, others spend a little longer in each destination, while river cruises, such as the Jules Verne Iberian river journey provide a plethora of everchanging vistas to enjoy. Who knows what you’ll discover, or what experiences you may end up treasuring forever? You may visit a destination you’d never considered before and find you love it so much that return for a longer visit another time.


There’s no end of things to do (or not to do)

Cruises are often associated as being somewhat slow-moving through endless ocean. Many would-be voyagers imagine they’ll get bored. Yes, you can spend your days relaxing by the pool, being pampered in the spa or with your head in a book engrossed in a gripping romance or thriller and your evenings at a cabaret. You might mix it up a bit with a culinary masterclass or a painting workshop interspersed with excursions ashore. However, modern cruise lines offer so much more. Some even cater to the adrenaline junky with simulated skydiving, aerial assault courses, even zip lines.

Pick the right company, and you’ll find plenty to do for youngsters too with play areas, kids clubs and cinemas all common features, while some incorporate waterparks, roller rinks, climbing walls and more.

And, of course, the range of destinations are equally as varied.


Freestyle cruising

While some cruises still have fixed dining sittings where you are seated in the same table, in the same restaurant at the same time every evening, freestyle cruising sees away with all such restrictions and is a growing in popularity, especially with the younger generation. You can choose when, where, and with whom you eat. Traditional dining is more likely to have a dress code, giving you a chance to dress-up — which for most of us is a rare opportunity these days. It also allows you to get to know some of your fellow passengers more intimately. Lifelong friendships are sometimes formed over dinner. However, if you prefer a more flexible approach you now have that option with freestyle cruising.


Environmentally friendly

Another reason some might not consider a cruise holiday is a concern for the environment, and indeed some cruise lines have had justifiably lousy press over their sustainability ethics. However, some cruise lines take their environmental impact seriously and addressing the issues head-on.

Jules Verne, for example, adamantly believe in protecting the culture, wildlife and ecosystems of the places they pass through. And they actively seek ways to ensure that local communities benefit from tourism too, including using local guides wherever possible.

They’ve also forged a strong working relationship with Climate Care including offering an online calculator so that when you travel you can easily offset your carbon emissions by donating the appropriate amount to fund renewable energy projects and reforestation initiatives.

Whatever your holiday preferences are, as you can see, there’s a cruise to fit the bill.


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